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AC Repair ModestoAC Repair Modesto

Need help with AC Repair in Modesto? Along with the arrival of spring comes warmer weather. You are likely increasing the use of your air conditioner. A good maintenance program avoids repairs and emergency calls. Our many happy customers are the proof that we are industry leaders when it comes to AC repair in Modesto. In order to save you money, call and let us inspect your unit. There are four important components to check and maintain for you.

These four components are the outdoor condenser coils, the indoor evaporator, the drain pan, and the refrigerant level.

Air Conditioning Repair ModestoAir Conditioning Repair Modesto

The outdoor AC unit houses the condenser coils and air flows through them. The airflow can be hindered by clogs caused by dirt and debris. Modesto AC repair is less frequently necessary when this part of the system receives proper maintenance. We clean the unit by spraying water through it from the inside out. We use a special comb to straighten bends.

The indoor evaporator, sometimes called the “A-coil” due to its shape, can lose essential airflow just as the outdoor coils. This happens when clogged filters remain unchanged over long periods. The problem is that air flows through it right before entering the duct system. Clogging prevents cool airflow. The procedure for cleaning the evaporator is different; being inside the home requires this. Our expert technician of air conditioning repair in Modesto will carefully clean it if needed.

While there, we check the drain pan located directly underneath of the evaporator. Our technician wants to ensure the pan is clean and free of debris. This is where condensation collects. Dirt clogs the drain system setting up the potential for the pan to overflow.

Maintaining the proper amount of refrigerant in the AC unit is important. Even an undetectably low level of refrigerant causes undue stress on the entire system; it costs you more to operate and parts wear out faster. At this point customers may not feel a difference in the climate.

Modesto AC RepairModesto AC Repair

There is some maintenance you can do. Change your filter once per month. The system will function more efficiently and save you money. The practice helps to maintain a clean evaporator as well, so you spend less on professional service calls. Keep grass and other vegetation from growing close to the outdoor unit. Maintain at least two feet of clearance on all sides of it.

AC repair in Modesto is what we do; we are good at it. Call us today for a check up. You will be joining the good company of our many satisfied customers. We love to keep them cool.

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